National Children’s Day – June 9, 2019

Sunday, June 9th, is National Children’s Day.  According to, it is a day to “honor the children in our lives….a time to slow down our fast-paced lives…and refocus on the important things.”  While we should all certainly try to [...Read More]

Emergency Medical Services Week

For those of you waiting for my latest legal blog, you will be disappointed until next month.  Instead, I am taking this opportunity to use my blog time to say a shout-out with appreciation and gratitude to members of the [...Read More]

GFWC Pennsylvania Partners with HOBY to help Children

Clubwomen, representing GFWC Pennsylvania, joined forces with HOBY students to prepare, organize, and donate 305 Jared boxes and 67 pillowcases during the Central Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Seminar service project held on May 18, 2019.  The Jared boxes will be distributed [...Read More]

Free Seminar: Protecting Your Pets When You Pass Away

Protecting Your Pets When You Pass Away Explore the options available for providing for your pets when you pass away. Presented by: Vicky Ann Trimmer, Esq., CPA When: Thursday, May 23, 2019 Location: 635 N. 12th Street Lemoyne, PA 17043 [...Read More]

Take Home DNA tests – Fun or Folly – Part 1

At Home DNA tests (e.g. 23andMe and AncestryDNA) are all the rage.  DNA test kits were gift of choice in many families this past Christmas.  In fact, it is reported that 1,500,000 of the take home kits were sold on [...Read More]

Take Home DNA tests – Fun or Folly – Part 2

DNA take home test kits can be used to receive information about “disease risk” and/or to learn about ancestral background.  Whatever the purpose, users must remember that DNA is an extremely complicated set of genes that cannot be simplified into [...Read More]

Child Custody and Extracurricular Activities

With spring upon us and summer quickly approaching, now is a time where a lot of kids shake off the dust of winter and enjoy the warmer weather by getting involved in various extracurricular activities.  Whether its soccer, baseball, softball, [...Read More]


The IRS has a longstanding program that provides “awards” to persons who advise them of persons and entities that are not properly reporting and paying their taxes.  The program is geared toward large cases (tax, penalty, etc. exceeds $2 million [...Read More]

Experts in Family Law Cases

Sometimes in family law cases, an outside expert is necessary to assist the parties or the court in resolving a divorce, support or custody matter. For example, in a divorce, the parties typically own a residence and may disagree as [...Read More]

National Get Over It Day on March 9th

March 9th is National Get Over It Day. The impetus behind National Get Over It Day is fairly self-explanatory. If there has been something bothering you, you are to use the day to overcome the issue. National Get Over It [...Read More]