Signs You May Need to Rethink Your Wedding

Sometimes the match is not made in heaven… Over the past several weeks, two stories appeared in the press which caught my eye.  The first involved a prospective groom who sexually molested one of the bridesmaids the night before the [...Read More]


For this month’s blog, I have decided to talk about stormwater fees.  As Solicitor for a number of other municipal clients, I have experienced the need of local governments to raise revenue to enable them to upgrade their stormwater infrastructure. [...Read More]

Free Seminar – Impact of Opioid Crisis in Family Law

Family law attorneys, Susan E. Good and Karen W. Miller, will provide an overview of custody concerns and the opioid epidemic. We will discuss: Drug and Alcohol Evaluations Third party and Grandparent rights Guardianship Presented by: Susan E. Good, Esquire [...Read More]

Free Seminar – Passing on your Guns!

Passing on your Guns! Recent events make planning for guns and other weapons (e.g. compound bows) extremely important. Presented by: Vicky Ann Trimmer Esquire, CPA When: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 5:30pm Location: 635 N. 12th Street Lemoyne, PA 17043 [...Read More]

No-one Promised Us Tomorrow

None of us know what the future holds.  Our life can be struck down quickly from an unexpected health crisis or accident.  It is important to take time when there is no crisis to plan for the event of your [...Read More]

More than Hand-Holding and Pillow Fluffing

I doubt there is anyone who has not felt the anguish of a cancer diagnosis, whether it has been a family member, a friend, or yourself receiving it, there is no escaping the panic and fear of hearing those dreaded [...Read More]

The Top Four Reasons to Select the Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative law is a method of case-resolution, in which parties voluntarily agree to settle their disputes without court intervention, as opposed to using the methods of litigation or mediation.  A series of meetings are conducted with the parties, their counsel [...Read More]

National Coloring Book Day

Many of you have been waiting for my August blog: I have chosen musings on my birthday, August 2nd, which incidentally is National Coloring Book Day.   While I very much enjoy being a “summer baby,” it is interesting that National [...Read More]

In Vitro Fertilization – Just Be Careful

I read with horror the recent story about the Asian American couple who gave birth to twins only to be told that due to a “mix up” at the California fertility clinic, the twins were not their biological children and [...Read More]

Personal Expression in the Workplace

Art takes on many forms.  The use of Body Art as a means of self-expression has become popular and mainstream.  Body Art is much more than just piercings or tattoos which are the most common forms used.  Other Body Art [...Read More]