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Child Support Modification in Pennsylvania: When and How to Seek Changes

In this article, we will explore the reasons for child support modification, when and how to seek changes, and the legal process involved. Learn more here.

Detailed Guide to Child Support in Pennsylvania

Many parents want an answer to the question, “How does child support work?” Read on to learn more from Daley Zucker, located in Harrisburg, PA.

Child and Spousal Support During Covid-19

About the only certainty during this Covid-19 pandemic is that there is no certainty.  We have all been dealing with the daily stress of stay-at-home orders, business closings, and what feels like hourly increases in the reported cases of this [...Read More]

Tax Act and Jobs Act – Its Impact on Child and Spousal Support

In Pennsylvania, the calculation of support obligations is based heavily on parties’ net incomes.  In the last article, we discussed the elimination of the Personal Exemption and how that will impact on child support calculations.   This article will continue to [...Read More]

Attorneys Sandy Meilton and Tina Laudermilch talk about Family Law on Good Day PA

Sandy Meilton and Tina Laudermilch were on Good Day PA to talk about Child Custody and Support law and why any individual with children to should be aware of these laws. Find out more in the video below:  

Child Support Amnesty in Dauphin County PA

Child Support Amnesty Offered from June 13 through June 17 Dauphin County is once again offering a child support amnesty program in an effort to encourage parents who have fallen behind in their support payments to get back on track [...Read More]

Do I Have to Force My Child to Visit With the Other Parent?

Pennsylvania Child Custody Schedules and Child Refusal Complying with child custody schedules, whether agreed to by the parties or imposed by the court, is difficult even under the best of circumstances.  Younger children often have separation anxiety and transitioning from [...Read More]

Derivative Social Security Benefits & Child Support

How Derivative Social Security Benefits Impact Child Support Obligations   The guidelines for establishing child support obligations are constantly being reviewed and modified to assure that the formula and guidelines appropriately consider all sources of income available to the parties. [...Read More]

2021 Child Support Guidelines in Pennsylvania

PA has new child support guidelines which can impact the amount of money for support. A Harrisburg family lawyer explains what this means.