Family Law Attorneys Says – Be Kind to Your Child
August 19, 2013

Be Kind – Help Your Children Through Difficult Times Such as a Divorce

Harrisburg Divorce Attorney – Sandra Meilton


Be Kind To Your Child - Harrisburg Divorce Attorney Dealing with children who are going through the difficult adjustment to life in a separated family is no easy task.  Since I deal with parents trying to help children through these difficult times, I like to keep a library of helpful articles and books that provide useful tips and advice.  Recently, I reviewed an article written by Alissa Marquess, entitled 100 Ways to be Kind to Your Child.  The article provides, not a narrative on philosophical approaches to raising children, but rather truly provides a list of 100 ways to be kind to your child.  For example, the list provides suggestions on things to “Tell your Child” and a host of other topics.  The suggestions provide common sense ideas on how to engage your child in discussions and basic activities that should help them to engage with you (and you with them) even in the most difficult times.  But not all of the suggestions are directed to the children.  Some of my favorites are designed to help parents with their concerns so they can better relate to their child.  For example, under the category “Let Go,” Ms. Marquess advises to let go “of the guilt,” “of how you thought it was going to be,” and “of your need to be right.”  The article is filled with suggestions that we all know will help children cope but that in the press of the moment, we have forgotten.  And, by the way, the suggestions work with all children (not just those dealing with separating parents) and, for that matter, with adults too.  We just need an occasional reminder.

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