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Personal Expression in the Workplace

Art takes on many forms.  The use of Body Art as a means of self-expression has become popular and mainstream.  Body Art is much more than just piercings or tattoos which are the most common forms used.  Other Body Art [...Read More]

Home Occupations

In this fast-paced world of changing jobs and work situations, have you ever considered being your own boss?  If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and would like to work for yourself, you may be the type of person that would [...Read More]

Employment Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

Employment Discrimination in Pennsylvania Based on Sexual Orientation As many of you know from my recent posts, the last three years have brought significant improvements in the lives of gay and lesbian people.  For instance, the law of the United [...Read More]

Religion, Employment Law and Pennsylvania

Employment Law and Religion Most of us work for a living.  There are those among us who are unable or unqualified to work in certain industries or professions, or those unavailable to work due to other responsibilities and there are [...Read More]

Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation The loss of a job can be devastating to your finances, career and family. However, Unemployment Compensation can help to mitigate your economic losses. If you have been denied unemployment benefits, an experienced attorney can assist you [...Read More]

Job Loss Myths and Reality

Myths and Realities Behind Job Loss It’s Friday afternoon and you know the worst is going to happen.  Things at work have gone from bad to worse.  It appears that your employer has been “setting you up” for termination.  Your [...Read More]

Americans with Disabilities Act and Employment Discrimination Claims in Pennsylvania

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, state and local government, public accommodations, commercial facilities, transportation, and telecommunications. Is the Pennsylvania Employee Covered by the ADA? To be protected by the ADA, [...Read More]

When you work you have the right to be paid fairly – Wage payment laws in Pennsylvania

Protects Employees The Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law (WPCL) creates a statutory remedy for employees when an employer violates its legal obligation to pay wages that an employee has earned. Protects Employers The WPCL also protects the rights of [...Read More]

The Family Medical Leave Act in Pennsylvania

The Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA requires larger employers to provide employees with job-protected unpaid leave: Because of a serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform his or her job; To care for a sick family [...Read More]

Employers, Social Media Policies and the NLRB – a Trap for the Unwary

Technology has changed the world, including how, where and when, employees perform work for their employers.  Today, with one stroke of the “send” key, an employee can reach a virtually unlimited audience – creating an avenue of expression that can [...Read More]