Business Formation and Transactions in Pennsylvania – Just Getting Started
November 11, 2012

Entrepreneurs starting up a new business, especially in today’s economic climate, must consider a variety of legal issues when they begin the start-up or business formation process. There are myriad traps for the unwary would-be business owner, and therefore, it is important to consider and cover all of the issues that might arise.

New business owners have many considerations and require many documents:

  • Operating agreement
  • Identification of the appropriate business model
  • Proper completion of forms for creation of the business,such as limited liability company (LLC,) corporation, or partnership.

There are many other issues to consider as well:

  • Compliance – including unique areas depending on the type of business
  • Contract negotiations
  • Document drafting
  • Enforcement of contractual and other rights
  • Financing
  • Fiscal policies
  • Corporate governance
  • Antitrust considerations
  • Indemnification questions
  • Employment related matters
  • Too many legal and/or regulatory issues encountered daily by businesses operating in today’s ever-changing business climate

Make sure, when you form a new business, and as you seek to grow your business, that you are aware of each and every regulation you must follow.

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