Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer If We Agree on Everything?
July 19, 2021

Divorce presents challenges for everyone involved, especially when separating partners disagree on how to proceed. However, some couples agree on many things when proceeding with a divorce.

No-Fault or Mutual Consent Divorce provides that both parties may be divorced after 90 days from the filing and service of the divorce complaint if both parties sign an affidavit stating that their marriage is irretrievably broken. Learn more about the different types of divorce in PA.

From the perspective of a separated couple that finds themselves agreeing on how to proceed, it is not unusual for someone to ask the question, “do we need a divorce lawyer if we agree on everything?”

Divorce Is Complicated, Even When Separating Couples Mutually Agree on All Terms

Even with both parties in agreement, the divorce process is not that straightforward. The divorce process takes time, and the courts have various document requirements which may vary depending on your specific situation.  Some Pennsylvania counties even require a parenting class for parents who are divorcing.

Finally, when all requirements are met, and everyone is satisfied that all economic, equitable distribution and alimony issues have been resolved, you will need to allow the requisite 90-day waiting period to elapse.

Seeing as the divorce process has many layers and steps, working with a credible divorce lawyer is key for a hassle-free legal experience from beginning to end.

When You and Your Partner Agree on Everything

Thankfully, you and your partner are logical people who can easily discuss the topic of divorce. If you agree on specifics, such as selling the house and splitting the proceeds or who keeps the dog, then your uncontested divorce can be relatively simple.

However, just because you agree on everything doesn’t mean you won’t bump into obstacles along the way. Without professional assistance, you may end up forgetting to address essential things like your retirement fund, your tax status, etc. Something that could ultimately lead to more legal issues. This is why it’s crucial not to DIY your divorce and have a trusted lawyer guide you through it.

How Your Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Even if you and your spouse agree on everything, hiring a divorce lawyer to mediate and help you cover all the necessary bases is always recommended.

Another thing your lawyer can help you with is to draft a divorce agreement. Seeing as this document serves as a binding contract, each divorce agreement must be written cautiously and with the agreed terms within the letter of the law.

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