National Beer Day
April 5, 2018

National Beer Day April 4In honor of National Beer Day (April 7th), I am taking this opportunity to draft a blog on a non-legal subject.

Beer is one of my passions. One that is shared by many Americans, and indeed, many people around the world.

I cannot imagine going to a baseball game on a hot summer day and not drink a beer.  The Super Bowl, the Final Four and other sporting events are always accompanied by beer.

Moreover, the economy has been enriched over the years by the many people that are employed in the brewing and tavern businesses. The microbrewery and craft brewing businesses have opened many opportunities for local restaurant owners to create a unique product for the restaurant patron.  This is also very similar to the sustainability movement in local agriculture.  The same concept of farm-to-table is now brewery-to-table with the advent of micro and craft brewing.

As many of you also are aware, there are a lot of myths and legends relating to beer.

One of my favorites is that the Pilgrims were finally removed from the Mayflower by the Captain because the beer that they had brought from England had finally run out.  In other words, as long as there was beer on board, there was no reason to drink the water in precolonial Massachusetts.

Another one of my favorites is the quote attributed to Ben Franklin which states “Beer is a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  It’s probably just a myth, but it makes sense to me.  In Dr. Franklin’s time, beer was consumed at nearly every meal by all members of the family.  Moreover, until recently, the United States Navy required that sailors receive five (5) beers per day since beer was much safer to drink than water procured in foreign ports.

As far as the origins of beer, the brewing arts certainly go back to early civilization.  Beer is a very healthy product since it is made from grain and pure water.  The low alcohol content helps preserve the beer and makes it safer to drink than many water sources.

One final note, one of the great differences between the Old and New worlds is the temperature of the beer.  In Northern Europe, beer is consumed at room temperature.  This seems absolutely barbaric to someone like me raised in the United States where we consume our beer ice cold. In fact, the colder the better.

So, join me in celebrating National Beer Day by having a cold one.

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