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Protecting Your Business in a Divorce

Daley Zucker explores valuable advice for safeguarding your business during divorce proceedings, with a focus on considerations for business valuation.

Divorce with a Business: How Is It Impacted?

When a business is involved in a divorce, it can complicate matters significantly and require careful consideration and planning. Learn more here.

Mistakes to Avoid When Forming a Business Identity in Pennsylvania

If you’ve been planning on forming a business identity in Pennsylvania, make sure to avoid these 3 common mistakes. Learn more from Daley Zucker.

When Should You Form A Business Identity?

Seeing as your identity is the biggest contributor to your growth, what kind of business entity should your start-up embrace? Learn more here.

The Importance of Farm Succession Planning

In the process of transitioning your farm into a business? We will discuss the importance of succession planning and how it can benefit your farm in the long run.

Are Verbal Contracts Enforceable?

Given that there are many complexities involved in verbal contracts, it pays to learn more about these contracts and how you should manage them.

Pennsylvania Tax Exemption for Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business & Pennsylvania Tax Exemption Historically, family owned business owners have been faced with a difficult tax situation at death.  The business can pass to your children but not before paying the 4.5% Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax.  This often [...Read More]

Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act

The Basics of Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act: What it Means for Contractors In 2009, Pennsylvania’s Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act went into effect. Since then, any contractor that performs work totaling $5,000 per year or $500 per job [...Read More]

Woman Owned Business Certification in PA Can Help Your Business Grow!

Woman Owned Business Certification in Pennsylvania Did you know that state, federal, and many large national companies are required to award a certain percent of their contracts and purchases to women owned businesses? Your business must first be certified in [...Read More]

PA LLC Formation – The Basics You Need to Know

What You Need to Know about LLC Formation in Pennsylvania   When starting a new business, one of the first and most important decisions a business owner must make is deciding how to structure their new business. The most common [...Read More]