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Providing for Your Personal Property

When thinking about your estate planning, you should also consider where you want your personal property to go.  Many of us have a unique property that might require special consideration or even proactive planning before our death.   Rare collectibles, family [...Read More]

What National Relaxation Day Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

Today is National Relaxation Day.  What a shame that we need to remind ourselves to relax! Often when I meet with families about estate planning and elder law, one of the concerns I raise is how the kids and other [...Read More]

The Importance of a Legal Health Check-Up

Just like having an annual medical checkup, establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones.  In many instances, people spend more time planning a family vacation than [...Read More]

Providing for Our Pets – In Sickness and in Health

On February 20th, pet lovers everywhere will observe National Love Your Pet Day.  This day is set aside to give extra attention to and pamper your pets.  It is also a good day to focus on the special relationship that [...Read More]

Doing your own will – You get what you pay for!

There are many online products and television ads which imply that you can easily write your own Will, Power of Attorney or Living Will (Advance Directive).  Just because you can do it, does not mean you should. Drafting estate planning [...Read More]

Pennsylvania Tax Exemption for Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business & Pennsylvania Tax Exemption Historically, family owned business owners have been faced with a difficult tax situation at death.  The business can pass to your children but not before paying the 4.5% Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax.  This often [...Read More]

Powers of Attorney: One Stop Solution to Multiple Problems

POAs Can Resolve Many Issues – Before They Occur It is easy and understandable why people put off the drafting of a Will,  Power of Attorney or Living Will, also called an Advance Directive.  No one wants to think about or dwell [...Read More]

Accepting Change: Transitioning from Home to Supportive Living Environment

Dealing with Moving From Home into Supportive Living can be Challenging “Change is hard, but change can be good,” so says, the monkey in the Lion King, when he is consulting Mustafa on becoming “King of the Forest.” The comfort of [...Read More]

Transitioning from Home to a Long-Term Care Facility

Preparing to Move to a Long-Term Care Facility? Find Out What You Need to Know at our Free Seminar Getting in and out of the shower is too slippery so you bathe in the sink. The knees are little more achy [...Read More]

From Same Sex Marriage to Marriage in Pennsylvania

Same Sex Marriage is Now the Law in Pennsylvania By now most of you have heard that Judge John Jones, U.S. District Court Judge in Harrisburg, has permanently enjoined the provisions of the Domestic Relations Code that allowed only traditional [...Read More]