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What Constitutes a Breach of Fiduciary Duty?

Breach of Fiduciary Duty occurs when someone has a responsibility to act in the interest of another person and fails to do so. Learn more from DZ.

Irrevocable Living Trust

As the name suggests, an irrevocable living trust cannot be revoked by the grantor once it has been created. Learn more from Daley Zucker.

How to Contest a Will and Win

Are you looking to contest a family member’s will? It can be difficult to win a will contest because you must establish these legal grounds. Learn more here.

Living Trust vs Will: What’s the Difference?

Estate Planning is not a common topic discussed around the dinner table or even one that people like to talk about. However, having these conversations can help protect your loved ones and provide a record of your final wishes. Both [...Read More]

Understanding Per Stirpes vs Per Capita

Knowing the difference between per stirpes vs per capita can help you make educated decisions regarding your beneficiary designations. Learn more from DZ!

PA Act 13’s Impact on Income, Inheritance and Realty Transfer Tax

    This is just a summary and does not include an analysis of every provision of PA Act 13. Personal Income Tax: (Effective for tax years beginning 1/1/2020 unless noted otherwise) Qualified Opportunity Zone net gains/losses and dividends – [...Read More]

Life Estates: Yes, they are very much alive!

Regular readers of my blog may be surprised that I am actually writing this month’s blog on a legal topic.  Interestingly, throughout my legal career, I have had very little occasion to use Life Estates in estate planning. However, lately [...Read More]

Free Seminar – Passing on your Guns!

Passing on your Guns! Recent events make planning for guns and other weapons (e.g. compound bows) extremely important. Presented by: Vicky Ann Trimmer Esquire, CPA When: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 at 5:30pm Location: 635 N. 12th Street Lemoyne, PA 17043 [...Read More]

No-one Promised Us Tomorrow

None of us know what the future holds.  Our life can be struck down quickly from an unexpected health crisis or accident.  It is important to take time when there is no crisis to plan for the event of your [...Read More]

Providing for Your Personal Property

When thinking about your estate planning, you should also consider where you want your personal property to go.  Many of us have a unique property that might require special consideration or even proactive planning before our death.   Rare collectibles, family [...Read More]