Pitfalls of Do-It-Yourself Divorce
May 24, 2021

Sometimes a married couple will reach a point when they realize it isn’t working out anymore. Married couples may be unhappy and struggle to live in an environment that is not emotionally healthy. Those couples may ultimately conclude that divorce is their only option.

Getting a divorce is difficult, especially if one of the parties involved isn’t prepared to end the marriage.

An experienced divorce lawyer can help guide you through the process of divorce as smoothly as possible. However, some couples seek a do-it-yourself divorce because they believe it will speed up the process and allow them to move on with their lives. Unfortunately, managing a divorce alone could lead to more issues.

Why hire a qualified attorney when facing divorce? Here are a few reasons:


1.   Divorce Is Complicated and Hard to Do Alone

 If it is your first time undergoing divorce proceedings, it is not likely that you will have a solid understanding of the rules and regulations involving your local court. If it is not your first time undergoing divorce proceedings, you likely already know how complicated divorce can be. As a result, filing for divorce can become a challenge and lead to several delays and revisions of the divorce decree.

While most divorce requirements for each state in the US are the same, Pennsylvania still has some divorce court policies to uphold that may differ compared to other states and even between PA counties. Failing to understand these procedures could extend the divorce process. For example, if you submit poorly executed divorce documents, delays can add up to several months.


2.   Online Divorce Kits Are Unreliable and Incomplete

 If you are on a tight budget, you might find it tempting to settle for a divorce kit you find online rather than seeking the help of a reliable family lawyer near you. Since the internet is home to endless information, searching for DIY divorce kits can be frustrating and misleading.

Though most divorce packages promise to include all of the necessary materials, it is more likely that once purchased, the kit will not meet your specific needs, and now you have wasted your hard-earned money.


3.   Divorce Proceedings Should Follow the Law

 According to Pennsylvania law, a couple must divide their assets and debts equitably to keep divorce proceedings fair and just to everyone involved. If there are children in the picture, an experienced child custody attorney, can help work through the complexities of custody, visitation, and other concerns.

If there are property and other valuable assets involved, it is vital that the determination of distribution is completed or memorialized in a signed agreement before the divorce is finalized. If this is not done, the couple will not have the protection of the Divorce Code in the future division of property. Often, the process of dividing assets and debts will bear financial and emotional consequences to the divorcing couple. Having a skilled attorney who is familiar with equitable distribution, and not emotionally involved in the situation, can assist in this process.  If the couple cannot agree on the distribution, it will be necessary for the Court to make a determination for the couple.


What to Do Instead of a Do-It-Yourself Divorce?

It is never easy to go through a divorce, especially if there are children involved. More often than not, both parties experience a challenging time filled with emotional, mental, and physical stress.

If you’re facing a divorce, seeking legal assistance from a family law firm that can help you navigate the process with expertise and compassion can be the key to moving forward with confidence.

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