Harrisburg Diocese Bankruptcy
February 21, 2020

What are your rights in bankruptcy in light of the Harrisburg Diocese bankruptcy filing?

As many of you are aware, Catholic Dioceses across the United States have been involved in allegations and eventual claims for clergy abuse.  This has resulted in bankruptcy filings to stay litigation related to sexual abuse cases.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg set up a victims’ compensation fund in 2019 to compensate some of the victims of clergy abuse. However, a number of victims chose not to participate in the compensation fund and have sought to have their claims litigated in the state court system.

Regrettably, this onslaught of litigation caused the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg to file for bankruptcy protection in Harrisburg on February 19, 2020.

If you have a pending claim against the Harrisburg Diocese or if you are considering filing a claim, you need to file a proof of claim with the Bankruptcy Court.  This includes not only abuse claims, but all unpaid claims that arose before the bankruptcy filing.

Daley Zucker can assist you or your counsel in making sure that these claims are properly filed in the Federal Bankruptcy Court.  The Court will eventually set a claims bar date, meaning that further claims will not be allowed.  You may lose your right to sue the Diocese or seek any claim for any losses that you have sustained.

If Daley Zucker can assist you in this important matter, please feel free to call Daley Zucker Meilton & Miner, LLC at 717-724-9821.

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