Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania
December 7, 2014

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation

The loss of a job can be devastating to your finances, career and family. However, Unemployment Compensation can help to mitigate your economic losses. If you have been denied unemployment benefits, an experienced attorney can assist you in obtaining and protecting the unemployment benefits you deserve.

Do I qualify for Unemployment Compensation Benefits?

Generally, there are three steps in the eligibility determination process.

1. Did you earn enough wages from your previous employer to qualify for benefits?

2. Is your unemployment through no fault of your own?

  • You may not be eligible for unemployment compensation if you were fired due to “willful misconduct.”
  • If you voluntarily quit your job, unless you had a real and compelling reason, you may not be eligible for unemployment compensation.
    • If you voluntarily quit, in order to qualify for benefits, you must prove that you had good cause, of a real and substantial nature, leaving you no reasonable alternative. You must also show that before you quit, you made every reasonable effort to maintain your employment.

3. You must be able and available to accept suitable work.

Should I hire an attorney to assist me?

If your former employer is contesting your eligibility or if your benefits have already been denied, you can appeal the initial determination to an Unemployment Compensation Referee.

A hearing with a Referee can be intimidating and confusing for anyone no familiar with the process. The rules and requirements for the hearing can be complicated.

How DZMM Can Help

At DZMM, we understand who has the burden of proof. We will help prepare you to testify and assist you in presenting the relevant evidence and testimony to help you qualify for benefits. We will also help prevent the employer from entering inadmissible evidence.

If your benefits are denied by the Unemployment Compensation Referee, our experienced attorneys will make an appeal to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review. Our attorneys will help to explain your rights and the process to you so you are comfortable with what to expect. We can assist you in getting your professional and economic life back in order. Call us at 717-724-9821.

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