What is Elder Law and What Does it Cover?
August 24, 2021

Estate planning can be difficult because it forces you to consider the worst. Estate Planning may also require you to establish parameters and expectations with other loved ones or heirs and help surviving family members and executors be mindful of what to prepare for.

If you’re currently immersed in the process of helping an elderly family member sort out their estate, there’s one critical component of the process that you should know more about: Elder Law.

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is an aspect of estate planning that focuses on helping families plan for and address the many needs that come with aging. Concerns like caregiving, medical needs, assisted living and more.

Many seniors are surprised to learn that skilled nursing facilities are not covered by Medicare. In a world where healthcare costs are high and rates have risen far faster than inflation can account for, social security income and retirement savings alone are often insufficient. Hence the need for Elder Law.

Today, older family members are urged to start planning and investigating how an elder law attorney law may be able to help them or their family members navigate important financial and estate planning matters, along with other issues that impact senior care. Getting the right guidance early can make a difference between stress and peace of mind.

Why Is It Critical to Start Estate Planning? 

The complexity of the health care system is difficult enough. While it may be easy to brush off difficult conversations about legal and financial considerations with an aging loved one, having a plan in place in advance benefits the entire family. Starting early also helps avoid having to make decisions or find resolutions in a time of crisis.

Beyond being prepared for the blows that health care fees bear, planning early allows you to protect your loved one’s assets from bankruptcy, divorce, or creditor issues.

Attorneys that specialize in Elder Law understand the complexities of planning for future health care concerns and they have experience in the sometimes-heavy burden these matters put on family members.

How to Start Planning for Stability and Comfort

With advance planning, it is possible to create a plan for the long-term comfort, stability, and care of an older person or adult with special needs.

The experienced elder law attorneys at Daley Zucker are well-equipped to help your family address the mental, physical, and emotional needs of your loved one. Here are some of the ways a trusted and compassionate lawyer with experience in elder law can assist:

  • Help you understand the value of wills and estate planning, specifically how to incorporate a plan for future health care needs
  • Provide information regarding Medicare, long-term care planning, and a health care power of attorney
  • Work with you to develop a durable power of attorney, living will and advance directives
  • Offer guidance on Guardianship proceedings
  • Explain patient rights and provide direction on filing nursing home claims

Seek Out a Professional Elder Law Attorney

If you’re looking for an experienced elder law attorney in Pennsylvania to uphold the rights of your loved one, Daley Zucker, LLC is here to help. Get in touch with us today!

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