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Misconceptions About the Division of Marital Assets

It doesn’t hurt to debunk myths involving the proper division of marital assets, so read on to fact-check your knowledge of how property division truly works in PA.

So You Want to Start Your Own Business?

I am continually impressed with the level of entrepreneurship in our country.  Lately, the “hot” new local business is craft breweries, but there are many exciting business opportunities. Very often the inspiration for a new business comes from the lack [...Read More]

Bankruptcy & Retirement Assets

Are my retirement assets protected in bankruptcy? As many of our firm’s regular readers know, we have a continuing blog series on commonly asked questions in bankruptcy.  Now that we are beginning a new year, many of you may be [...Read More]

What To Know About the Equifax Data Breach and Identity Theft

The recent breach of Equifax is a reminder that we must all take steps to protect our financial information. In light of the Equifax data breach, each of us MUST act now. You must consider a credit freeze or credit [...Read More]

The Ripping Off of the “Greatest Generation”

How to Protect the Elderly From Scams and Overly Aggressive Bill Collectors It is unfortunate that some take advantage of our “Greatest Generation”.  One common way of reaching senior citizens is by overly aggressive telemarketing of nonexistent investment opportunities and [...Read More]

Pennsylvania Tax Exemption for Family Owned Business

Family Owned Business & Pennsylvania Tax Exemption Historically, family owned business owners have been faced with a difficult tax situation at death.  The business can pass to your children but not before paying the 4.5% Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax.  This often [...Read More]

Free ID Theft Seminar – Sept 29, 2015

Join Us and Learn About Preventing Identity Theft Call 717-724-9821 to reserve your space. Find out some tips in our blog post on keeping your identity safe.   Vicky Ann TrimmerVicky decided on her career path very early in life, announcing her [...Read More]

Are You A Target for Identity Theft?

Learn About Identity Theft Identity theft continues to be a growing problem.  As businesses adapt and develop new security measures to defeat the existing ways our information is stolen, criminals develop and create new ways to steal it! Is It [...Read More]