[ For Tina Laudermilch ]

“I can’t sing her praises enough. We’ve had the opportunity to work with her all the way through a two-day trial and our hearing with the Superior Court. She’s a perfectionist, highly intelligent, well-spoken, an analytical thinker, and a professional. Her briefings were well written, and she presents herself both in appearance and verbal delivery extremely well.”  — SE

“You have done a wonderful job on my behalf, Tina. I greatly appreciate it and also your clear vision and the integrity with which you have handled my case.”  — SW

“I can’t thank you enough for the thorough job that you did on my behalf. Tina, you are the consummate professional and I feel fortunate to have you in my corner. I have the greatest admiration for the compassion and expertise you bring to a very difficult job.” — TS



[ For Patricia Carey Zucker ]

“We cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate all you did for us at a very crucial time in our lives. Your promptness and efficiency was second to none. We are most grateful.”  — KW

“Thank you for making both of us feel important and how truly you showed us how much you cared and how intent you were to make sure that we are okay in the future. We so much appreciate your time and efforts to put our minds at ease. It is kind and thoughtful people like you who make this world a much brighter and friendlier place.” — N&C



[ For Vicky Ann Trimmer ]

“Thank you for providing me and my family the peace of mind, knowing my affairs are in order.” — E.R.



[ For Karen W. Miller ]

“I’m thankful for you and Danielle. Both of you, in fact, all the ladies at your office have been so kind and understanding and helpful and have made me feel less alone during this process.  I appreciate you both.  You are very good at what you do and I’m thankful for your ethics, morals, and standards, all advice and guidance, and how detailed and organized you approach things.”  — B.R.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done over the past three days! It’s honestly mindblowing. I know in my heart what was done today couldn’t have been done without your help (and God’s). We are truly grateful.” — B.K.