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What is the Secure Act and How Could it Affect Retirement?

What is the Secure Act 2020? Secure Act Summary: The date that you have to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from your traditional IRA has been extended from 70 ½ to 72. This will allow you to grow your [...Read More]

What National Relaxation Day Can Teach Us About Estate Planning

Today is National Relaxation Day.  What a shame that we need to remind ourselves to relax! Often when I meet with families about estate planning and elder law, one of the concerns I raise is how the kids and other [...Read More]

The Ripping Off of the “Greatest Generation”

How to Protect the Elderly From Scams and Overly Aggressive Bill Collectors It is unfortunate that some take advantage of our “Greatest Generation”.  One common way of reaching senior citizens is by overly aggressive telemarketing of nonexistent investment opportunities and [...Read More]

Missing Medicare Enrollment Deadline Can Cost You

Missing Your Medicare Sign Up Window Can Cost You Do you know when to sign up for Medicare?  Failing to meet the strict deadlines can result in monthly premium penalty that never expires.  The penalty raises your monthly premium for [...Read More]

Accepting Change: Transitioning from Home to Supportive Living Environment

Dealing with Moving From Home into Supportive Living can be Challenging “Change is hard, but change can be good,” so says, the monkey in the Lion King, when he is consulting Mustafa on becoming “King of the Forest.” The comfort of [...Read More]