Accepting Change: Transitioning from Home to Supportive Living Environment
June 22, 2015

Dealing with Moving From Home into Supportive Living can be Challenging

supportive living
It can be difficult to accept that it is time to consider moving to a supportive living environment.

“Change is hard, but change can be good,” so says, the monkey in the Lion King, when he is consulting Mustafa on becoming “King of the Forest.” The comfort of the known is difficult to leave behind and keeps many of us from venturing forward to see all the options we have available in the world of Supportive Care.

For some people, leaving their homes at the present time is not on the agenda; either because they have others living with them who can accommodate their “aging in place,” and/or because their respective physical and mental health and wellness provide them with extended time to remain in their homes and to maintain their independence. However, physical and/or mental illness and disability can happen at any time and at any age and can result in a lack of mobility that prohibits one from living a fully independent life.

The nursing homes of yesterday are not the nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities and assisted living and personal care facilities and opportunities that exist today. Understanding how to get and stay both physically and mentally active appears to be the key for independence and, hopefully, longevity. Even if you experience illness and or limited mobility, the quality of life that one can achieve in assisted living and nursing and personal care is guided by where you live, what activities of daily living you can perform and who owns and supervises the residence you chose to reside in.

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