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New Custody Statutes for Grandparent Custody

On May 4, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law, amendments to the custody statute that clarify the situations where grandparents can file proceedings seeking partial custody and expanding the rights of third parties who can file custody proceedings. Prior to [...Read More]

Elimination of Personal Exemption in 2018

As many of you may have seen, last week’s article highlighted some of the changes we expect with the new federal tax laws that take effect in 2018 and future years.  While these changes will likely impact everyone in some [...Read More]

Tina Laudermilch Discusses the Legal Challenges Surrounding Autism in April Issue of Central Penn Parent

This month, Central Penn Parent magazine hosted a roundtable discussion, bringing leaders together in the field of autism support services, from researchers and medical care providers to therapists, educators and a family law attorney. This insightful discussion addressed a wide [...Read More]

Technology to Help Divorced Parents Manage their Children’s Schedules

Technology to Manage Schedules While Co-Parenting Back to school time is often an exciting time for kids – starting a new grade or school, new teachers, making new friends and starting new activities.  For parents, back to school time means [...Read More]

International Vacations & Passports for Minor Children

Approval of Both Parents is Required for a Passport With summer right around the corner, many families are thinking about scheduling family vacations, or they have already scheduled family vacations. Vacations that include travel outside of the United States have [...Read More]

The Two Types of Custody

Types of Custody in Pennsylvania When talking with clients that have separated from their spouse about custody, we as attorneys often hear from clients that they want “full custody” or they may want “joint custody”.  When talking with clients about [...Read More]

How to Avoid Fireworks During Holidays and Summer Vacation

Avoiding Custody Problems During Vacations and Holidays Vacations and holidays have the potential to create problems with an otherwise amicable custody arrangement because holiday and summer vacation schedule veer off from the normal custodial schedule.  Here are some tips to avoid [...Read More]

Divorce – Must you Fight it Out in Court?

Can You Avoid Traditional Divorce Litigation? When first meeting with clients regarding a divorce, there are several questions that are always asked…how long does the divorce take?  What is the process to obtain a divorce?  What if we reach an [...Read More]

Pennsylvania, Social Security Benefits and Divorce

Social Security Benefits and Divorce in Pennsylvania One benefit that is sometimes overlooked in divorce cases are the benefits a spouse or ex-spouse may be entitled to receive under Social Security.  Generally, even if one spouse has never worked under [...Read More]

At What Age Can Children Decide Where to Live in Harrisburg Child Custody Cases

The Age of The Child – Harrisburg Child Custody   I’m often asked by clients in Harrisburg custody cases “when can my son decide where they want to live?”  Or I hear comments from a client such as “when my [...Read More]