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Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty for 2016-2017

Behind on your Pennsylvania Taxes? This Should Interest you, Literally! In July 2016, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed a Tax Amnesty Program for Fiscal Year 2016-2017, the first tax amnesty program since 2009-2010. Importantly, this applies to any person, association, fiduciary, [...Read More]

The Ripping Off of the “Greatest Generation”

How to Protect the Elderly From Scams and Overly Aggressive Bill Collectors It is unfortunate that some take advantage of our “Greatest Generation”.  One common way of reaching senior citizens is by overly aggressive telemarketing of nonexistent investment opportunities and [...Read More]

Religion, Employment Law and Pennsylvania

Employment Law and Religion Most of us work for a living.  There are those among us who are unable or unqualified to work in certain industries or professions, or those unavailable to work due to other responsibilities and there are [...Read More]

Powers of Attorney: One Stop Solution to Multiple Problems

POAs Can Resolve Many Issues – Before They Occur It is easy and understandable why people put off the drafting of a Will,  Power of Attorney or Living Will, also called an Advance Directive.  No one wants to think about or dwell [...Read More]

Accepting Change: Transitioning from Home to Supportive Living Environment

Dealing with Moving From Home into Supportive Living can be Challenging “Change is hard, but change can be good,” so says, the monkey in the Lion King, when he is consulting Mustafa on becoming “King of the Forest.” The comfort of [...Read More]

When Insurance Coverage is Cancelled in Pennsylvania

What to Do When  Your Insurance Coverage is Cancelled in Pennsylvania People seek out attorneys in order to solve problems they face in their everyday lives, that they cannot fix without legal help.  The cancellation of an automobile insurance policy [...Read More]

Death, Taxes and the Internet: Amazon has brought online taxes to Pennsylvania

“In this world, nothing is certain, but death and taxes”.  Pennsylvania’s Benjamin Franklin dispensed this nugget of truth long before the birth of the internet and the phenomenon of online shopping that followed.  Online shopping holds profound relief for many [...Read More]