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Types of Divorce to Avoid Litigation

Can You Avoid Traditional Divorce Litigation? When first meeting with clients regarding a divorce, there are several questions that are always asked…how long does the divorce take?  What is the process to obtain a divorce?  What if we reach an [...Read More]

Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouse

Social Security Benefits for Divorced Spouse in Pennsylvania One benefit that is sometimes overlooked in divorce cases are the Social Security benefits for divorced spouse. Generally, even if one spouse has never worked under Social Security, that spouse may still [...Read More]

At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With?

The Age of The Child – Harrisburg Child Custody   I’m often asked by clients in Harrisburg custody cases “At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With?”  Or I hear comments from a client such as [...Read More]

2021 Child Support Guidelines in Pennsylvania

PA has new child support guidelines which can impact the amount of money for support. A Harrisburg family lawyer explains what this means.

Filing for Support During a Divorce in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Harrisburg Divorce Attorney Explains Filing for Support Tina Laudermilch In keeping with the basic overview I have already provided in prior posts regarding divorce, I thought it best to provide some basic information about filing for support and the process [...Read More]

Divorce 101 in Pennsylvania – Part 2

What you need to know about Divorce in Pennsylvania My last article outlined a very brief introduction to the process by which people obtain a divorce.  What some people may not realize is that obtaining the final Decree in Divorce [...Read More]

Pennsylvania Divorce: The Basics

With the holidays upon us, no one wants to discuss or think about the big “D”, although it may be something that is weighing on folks out there.  When meeting with clients during this time of year, I often times [...Read More]

In a Pennsylvania divorce should couples consider remaining under the same roof?

It seems that more and more separating and divorcing couples are in a position where they continue to reside together for extended periods of time after one or both parties makes the decision to separate or divorce.  One reason for [...Read More]

Pennsylvania Supervised Visitation

By Tina Laudermilch As family law practitioners we have all encountered custody situations in which one parent may be limited to supervised visits with their child or children.  The supervisor is often times a family member or friend who is [...Read More]