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The Ripping Off of the “Greatest Generation”

How to Protect the Elderly From Scams and Overly Aggressive Bill Collectors It is unfortunate that some take advantage of our “Greatest Generation”.  One common way of reaching senior citizens is by overly aggressive telemarketing of nonexistent investment opportunities and [...Read More]

Bankruptcy Constitution: A New Understanding

The Constitutional Roots of Bankruptcy As a bankruptcy attorney, I often have the need to counsel my clients about their embarrassment and feelings that others will judge them harshly because they filed bankruptcy.  I often give them a “pep talk” [...Read More]

Back Taxes and Bankruptcy – Here’s What you Need to Know

  What Happens if you Owe Back Taxes and Declare Bankruptcy? Now that we have all survived the anxiety related to income tax preparation before April 15th, I thought it was a good time to review the issue of back [...Read More]

Free Seminar – Bankruptcy After 60: More Common Than You Think

Join DZMM for a Free Bankruptcy Seminar Bankruptcy After 60: More Common Than You Think CREDIT CARD DEBT, MEDICAL BILLS and PRESCRIPTION DRUG COSTS, are just some of the reasons more older Americans are filing for bankruptcy. Attend this FREE seminar to [...Read More]

Impact of Bankruptcy on your Retirement Assets

Retirement Assets in Bankruptcy There is a widespread misconception about the availability of retirement assets to creditors in bankruptcy.  Many people put off filing bankruptcy, because they fear the loss of retirement accounts to creditors.  Based on this misinformation, they [...Read More]

Free Seminar – Bankruptcy After 60

Bankruptcy After 60 – More Common Than You Think A Free Seminar from DZMM While many people think that someone who is 60 might be immune from needing to file for bankruptcy, the reality is quite different.  Whether it be [...Read More]

More Elderly Filng for Bankruptcy

The Number of Elderly Filing for Bankruptcy is Increasing We have all been taught to believe that the “greatest generation” was careful with its  money and its members were very good savers.  We are now surprised to find that the [...Read More]

Job Loss Myths and Reality

Myths and Realities Behind Job Loss It’s Friday afternoon and you know the worst is going to happen.  Things at work have gone from bad to worse.  It appears that your employer has been “setting you up” for termination.  Your [...Read More]

Common Questions When Filing for Bankruptcy

Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions For Individuals Considering Filing for Bankruptcy Will I lose my house? Generally speaking, no. Most bankruptcies involve the use of substantial exemptions provided by State and Federal law, so it is unlikely that you will [...Read More]

Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania: Myths v. Reality

Myths and Realities in Bankruptcy Many people have misconceptions about bankruptcy and what it means to them.  This post is devoted to dispelling some of the various myths that I have encountered from discussions with my clients.  As with all [...Read More]