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We understand a custody battle is stressful for all parties involved – especially for the children. Child custody decisions are some of the most emotional issues that separating parents face.

While dividing time with your children isn’t easy, connecting with a child custody lawyer near Hershey, PA is the first step to help you understand the overall process and options available to you.

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Hershey Child Custody Resources

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our expert family lawyers put together resources to help answer some of the initial child custody questions you may have:


Custody Agreement: Understanding Your Options

At Daley Zucker, our priority is maintaining the best interest of your child. Our experienced child custody lawyers near Hershey, PA will help you understand your rights as a parent while protecting your family’s future.

Pennsylvania custody laws can be a battle, and we understand sharing the time between your children is not the same as dividing assets like your home or personal belongings.

Your challenges and concerns can be eased by getting answers from a seasoned child custody lawyer in PA who understands family law and the options beyond fighting a battle in open court:

  • Collaborative law: Collaborative law helps parents reach a custody agreement by having both sides sit down together to negotiate terms of child custody rather than letting a judge decide. This approach helps foster cooperation rather than hostility.
  • Mediation: A mediator is a neutral party to help facilitate communication between parents getting a divorce while allowing the privacy and control you need to come to a child custody agreement.


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When a court battle is inevitable, our child custody lawyers near Hershey, PA are expert litigators prepared to handle your case in and out of the courtroom. We work to ensure your rights are protected and the best interests of the children involved are always top priority. Our custody attorneys recognize the stress involved in a custody battle and are sensitive to the emotions that come with the process.

Dealing with divorce is challenging enough, you don’t want to go through this process alone. Get the representation and compassion you need to move forward with confidence.

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About Hershey, PA

Hershey, PA is just east of Pennsylvania’s state capital, Harrisburg. It’s home to many thrilling attractions such as The Hershey Gardens, The Hotel Hershey, Hershey Park and Hershey’s Chocolate World. The Giant Center is always playing great shows that you can check out and you could even catch a Hershey Bears ice hockey game!

In a city that is as alive and thriving as Hershey, PA, there are many fun options that you and your child can partake in. Coping with divorce is never easy, but with the help of Daley Zucker, we want to make it our mission to help you win your custody battle so you can spend as much time with them as you can – whether that be doing everyday things, like homework and chores, or exciting outings to places like Hershey Park.

Protecting yourself and your family starts with the right family law attorney. From drafting prenuptial agreements to helping you navigate the complexities of child custody, support, or divorce, our attorneys are ready to help with practical solutions that lead to real results.

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