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Attorneys Susan Good and Tina Laudermilch on Good Day PA

Susan Good and Tina Laudermilch were on Good Day PA to discuss important things to know about child custody cases. “In child custody matters, one of the biggest misconceptions about custody is that it only involves just two parents. That’s [...Read More]

3 Best Co Parenting Apps to Download After Divorce

3 Best Co Parenting Apps to Download After Divorce Back to school time is often an exciting time for kids – starting a new grade or school, new teachers, making new friends and starting new activities.  For parents, back to [...Read More]

International Vacations & Passports for Minor Children

Approval of Both Parents is Required for a Passport With summer right around the corner, many families are thinking about scheduling family vacations, or they have already scheduled family vacations. Vacations that include travel outside of the United States have [...Read More]

The Two Types of Custody

Types of Custody in Pennsylvania When talking with clients that have separated from their spouse about custody, we as attorneys often hear from clients that they want “full custody” or they may want “joint custody”.  When talking with clients about [...Read More]

Do I Have to Force My Child to Visit With the Other Parent?

Pennsylvania Child Custody Schedules and Child Refusal Complying with child custody schedules, whether agreed to by the parties or imposed by the court, is difficult even under the best of circumstances.  Younger children often have separation anxiety and transitioning from [...Read More]

What Is Considered During A Pennsylvania Child Custody Dispute?

Best Interest of the Child Custody Statute Factors Child custody can often be the most difficult aspect of the divorce or separation of parents.  In Pennsylvania, the overriding goal of child custody cases is to develop a parenting plan that [...Read More]

How to Avoid Fireworks During Holidays and Summer Vacation

Avoiding Custody Problems During Vacations and Holidays Vacations and holidays have the potential to create problems with an otherwise amicable custody arrangement because holiday and summer vacation schedule veer off from the normal custodial schedule.  Here are some tips to avoid [...Read More]

Best Interests of the Child?

Best Interest of the Child? How did we get here and what does it mean?   When parties decide to separate they are confronted with trying to make decisions that impact financially and emotionally on the entire family. The first [...Read More]

At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With?

The Age of The Child – Harrisburg Child Custody   I’m often asked by clients in Harrisburg custody cases “At What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With?”  Or I hear comments from a client such as [...Read More]

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