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Child’s Preference in Custody: How It Factors Into the Court’s Decision

Since the beginning of time, child custody practitioners have been asked by clients or prospective clients, “what about my child’s preference in custody?  Won’t the Court listen to them?”  How old do they have to be for the Court to [...Read More]

Custody & COVID-19

There is no doubt that the Covid–19 pandemic has (for better or worse) impacted all areas of our lives.  As a family law practitioner, an immediate impact was felt in the custody arena.  The first wave of issues surrounded the [...Read More]

How to Help Children Cope with Divorce

There is no question that separation or divorce is stressful on everyone involved, but it can be particularly stressful for children of the separating or divorcing couple.  The degree of stress varies, though, as not all children will react the [...Read More]

National Adoption Day

November 17th was National Adoption Day.  Adoptions are one of the few truly joyous moments that a family law practitioner has the honor of facilitating.  Pennsylvania has an Adoption Act codified at 23 Pa.C.S. § 2101, et seq. which discusses [...Read More]

Custody Schedules During the Holidays

As some of the major holidays are approaching, now is an excellent time to locate and dust off your custody order and read through it, especially those paragraphs that discuss Trick-or-Treat, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and/or New Years. If the [...Read More]

Parenting Coordination – What is it and how does it work?

On August 9, 2018, The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania entered an order which authorizes the use of a Parenting Coordinator in custody cases involving repeated or intractable conflict between parties. The Rule provides that a Parenting Coordinator may be used [...Read More]

Transfer Custody of Child to Grandparent

On May 4, 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed into law, amendments to the custody statute that clarify the situations where grandparents can file proceedings seeking partial child custody and expanding the rights of third parties who can file custody proceedings. [...Read More]

Time for a Spring Custody Checkup

As spring and summer approach, it is time to pull out your custody agreements and orders to refresh your recollection regarding precisely what your schedule provides for. Too often parents become complacent about the schedule. You have almost made it [...Read More]

Safe Exchange Zones

It is not often that I get to create a blog for my firm, Daley Zucker Meilton & Miner, LLC, that also involves my client, Lower Allen Township. As Solicitor of the Township, I am very pleased to announce that [...Read More]

Attorneys Sandy Meilton and Tina Laudermilch talk about Family Law on Good Day PA

Sandy Meilton and Tina Laudermilch were on Good Day PA to talk about Child Custody and Support law and why any individual with children to should be aware of these laws. Find out more in the video below:  

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