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While regulation is a fact of everyday life, it helps to work with administrative attorneys who understand how to navigate the myriad governmental regulations that impact your life and business, including federal and state taxation matters.

Because regulatory law firm in Harrisburg is knowledgeable about these regulations, various agency counsel, staff and decision makers recognize the contributions of Daley Zucker, LLC and work with our administrative law attorneys. This cooperation allows us to effectively guide our regulated clients through complex issues such as licensure, permitting and compliance, while avoiding the potential consequences of inadvertent mistakes.

In the event of an agency enforcement action against a client, our firm is familiar with the requirements and nuances of administrative litigation and practice. As a result, we can zealously represent our clients’ substantive positions without being tripped up by a regulatory requirement or procedural rule different from those of a traditional litigation practice. In short, our attorneys can place the focus squarely where it needs to be – on the merits of the case.

Finally, our regulatory lawyers are capable of filing the necessary appeals and handling every matter to its ultimate conclusion.

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