Grandparents and Child Custody in PA
August 25, 2016

How Divorce Impact Grandparents and Their Grandchildren

Grandparent Custody in PA
In some cases, grandparents have the basis to seek custody of their grandchildren.

An often unintended consequence of a divorce or uncoupling where there are children of the relationship is that grandparents see their grandchildren less or,  in some cases, not at all.  Fortunately, grandparents are not left without a legal remedy if they find themselves with little or no access to their grandchildren after a divorce or dissolution of a relationship.

In certain situations, grandparents may be able to file for legal and/or physical custody of a grandchild, particularly when there is neglect or abuse by the child’s parent or parents.  There are certain factors that need to be met in order to do so, but if they are met, a grandparent may be awarded physical and legal custody of a grandchild.

In situations where, simply by virtue of a divorce or separation a grandparent’s ability to spend time with a grandchild is impacted, those grandparents may be entitled to periods of time with their grandchildren, separate and apart from the time that a parent may have physical custody of the child or children.

Whether grandparents wish to obtain legal and/or physical custody of a grandchild, or they are simply seeking periods of time with the grandchild, they will have to initiate a custody action.

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