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How Can Municipalities Collect on Liens From Landowners?

What is Scire Facias? By Steven Miner In today’s tough economic climate, cities, townships, and boroughs alike are cash strapped. More and more municipalities are filing for, or at least strongly considering Act 47 protection. Facing a $3 million deficit, [...Read More]


What a year 2020 has been.  Most of us looked forward to the beginning of the 20’s with optimism, particularly after 2019 seemed to have had its share of scary events. However, nothing could have prepared any of us for [...Read More]

Harrisburg Diocese Bankruptcy

What are your rights in bankruptcy in light of the Harrisburg Diocese bankruptcy filing? Readers of my blog know that over the years I have posted a number of blogs related to bankruptcy issues.  I primarily represent bankruptcy debtors, but [...Read More]

Life Estates: Yes, they are very much alive!

Regular readers of my blog may be surprised that I am actually writing this month’s blog on a legal topic.  Interestingly, throughout my legal career, I have had very little occasion to use Life Estates in estate planning. However, lately [...Read More]


For this month’s blog, I have decided to talk about stormwater fees.  As Solicitor for a number of other municipal clients, I have experienced the need of local governments to raise revenue to enable them to upgrade their stormwater infrastructure. [...Read More]

National Coloring Book Day

Many of you have been waiting for my August blog: I have chosen musings on my birthday, August 2nd, which incidentally is National Coloring Book Day.   While I very much enjoy being a “summer baby,” it is interesting that National [...Read More]

Emergency Medical Services Week

For those of you waiting for my latest legal blog, you will be disappointed until next month.  Instead, I am taking this opportunity to use my blog time to say a shout-out with appreciation and gratitude to members of the [...Read More]

Student Loans & College Financial Aid Planning For Parents

The purpose of this blog is to discuss the options for parents seeking financial aid for their students.   FAFSA stands for the Free Federal Student Aid Forms.  Every parent seeking financial aid for their college student is required to fill [...Read More]

Those Hangover Blues

Yes, I caught your attention, but I wasn’t talking about hangovers related to holiday partying.  Rather, I am talking about hangovers caused by holiday overspending. This is a good time of year to assess your financial situation.  Do you have [...Read More]

So You Want to Start Your Own Business?

I am continually impressed with the level of entrepreneurship in our country.  Lately, the “hot” new local business is craft breweries, but there are many exciting business opportunities. Very often the inspiration for a new business comes from the lack [...Read More]