Tina Laudermilch Discusses the Legal Challenges Surrounding Autism in April Issue of Central Penn Parent

This month, Central Penn Parent magazine hosted a roundtable discussion, bringing leaders together in the field of autism support services, from researchers and medical care providers to therapists, educators and a family law attorney. This insightful discussion addressed a wide [...Read More]

Patricia Carey Zucker Featured in Business Woman Magazine

This month, partner Patricia Carey Zucker was featured in Business Woman Magazine. Her picture appears prominently on the front cover and inside you’ll find an in-depth article detailing her career in law and what she’s learned along the way. We’ve [...Read More]

The Real ID Act: Ready or Not, Here it Comes!

What is the Real ID Act – How Will it Impact You? You may not be able to use PA driver’s license to enter federal facility beginning Jan. 30, 2017. You may not be able to use PA driver’s license [...Read More]

Supreme Court Starts Term with a Vacancy – What Does That Mean?

The Supreme Court Term and the Impact of the Vacancy As many of you know, the United States Supreme Court begins each new term on the first Monday of October.  The Supreme Court term has started, and a number of [...Read More]

No-Fault Divorce Separation Period Requirement Reduced

Governor Signs Legislation Reducing the No-Fault Divorce Separation Period From 2 Years to 1 Year On October 4, 2016, Governor Wolf signed legislation into law that makes a major change to the Pennsylvania Divorce Code relating to no-fault divorce. Prior to this [...Read More]

Brangelina – Child Custody at the Forefront

Allegations of Abuse in Brangelina Divorce While divorce among the superstars gets more attention from the press and media, at the end of the day, the problems confronted are the same as those faced by most divorcing couples.  Case in [...Read More]

The Crossroads of Family Law And Bankruptcy

At the Crossroads of Family Law and Bankruptcy Lays Complexity The thought of separation or divorce can be both difficult and frightening. What will happen to the house? Who will be responsible for paying the bills? How will I pay [...Read More]

 Interplay of Divorce and Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania (Part 2)

Divorce & Bankruptcy As you may have seen from my most recent blog, my firm, Daley Zucker Meilton & Miner is holding a free seminar  on Divorce and Bankruptcy on September 27, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. in our Lemoyne office. [...Read More]

Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty for 2016-2017

Behind on your Pennsylvania Taxes? This Should Interest you, Literally! In July 2016, the Pennsylvania Legislature passed a Tax Amnesty Program for Fiscal Year 2016-2017, the first tax amnesty program since 2009-2010. Importantly, this applies to any person, association, fiduciary, [...Read More]

Technology to Help Divorced Parents Manage their Children’s Schedules

Technology to Manage Schedules While Co-Parenting Back to school time is often an exciting time for kids – starting a new grade or school, new teachers, making new friends and starting new activities.  For parents, back to school time means [...Read More]