Patricia A. Patton

Office Administrator, Secretary/Treasurer of LLC

Patti began working for the founders of the firm in 1989, starting as a receptionist. She later attended school at night to become a paralegal. Her new skills led to a position as a paralegal for founder Kathleen Daley. In 2002, Patti was entrusted with the position of taking care of the firm after attorney Daley suffered a medical crisis which left her unable to continue the practice of law. Kathleen Daley’s sister, Patricia Carey Zucker, took over the firm and Patti continued working with the firm, eventually expanding her role to Office Administrator.

Patti currently handles all of the administrative aspects of the firm from day-to-day managerial duties to human resources, financial planning, accounting, marketing and budgeting. She loves her job and the team she works with. She is proud of the way the firm has stayed true to the values of the founding partners, as it has grown over the years.